افتح فمك فقط إن كان ما ستقوله أجمل من الصمت
Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence.
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Her beauty cannot be measured with standards of a colonized mind.
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  • him: I know it's hard. I'm sorry. I wish I could be there with you and hold you. But you don't need me, my love. I know your strength. I'm sitting with God and telling him, "Give her storms, because she's beautiful in the rain."
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    So sad. If I ever have/adopt a daughter, I am most definitely gonna teach her ONLY body positive. :c
    If I ever have a child (which I doubt but you never know) there shall be no scales in their reach and a minimal amount of mirrors. They will also be told how beautiful they are a lot. Oh and, they’re going to learn that junk food is more or less cardboard and should never be eaten. :) I’m also going to get them into a sport, and an instrument.

    Ditto, except they won’t get told they’re beautiful as often as they’ll get told they’re smart, and funny, and caring, and creative, and stylish, and talented, and athletic, and artistic and, well you get the point. I think if you constantly draw attention to your child’s appearance, even if it’s positive, you tell them that this is the most important feature of their person and the best way to earn praise. I think it’s important to balance it out.

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    ::Sepsenahki:: by J. Quazi King


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    Beauty comes in all shades.

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    I need eyebrows period !

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